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Winona All Call Birthday Party Weekend

Winona LaDuke, nationally recognized Native activist, is turning 60 years old, and she is calling all women with the name Winona, all the “First Daughters” to bring themselves, families and friends to a birthday party weekend Aug. 23-25, 2019, in Winona, Minnesota. There, gathering Winona’s will celebrate, explore and wax poetic on being Winona. LaDuke is executive director of Honor the Earth, Founder of Winona’s Hemp & Heritage Farm and Anishinaabe Agriculture and is a two-time Green Party candidate for Vice President with Ralph Nader.

“Winona All Call” is Winona’s invitation to party in “their” town of Winona, Minnesota. This will be a weekend party celebrating being Winona with a lot of Winonas and Winona lovers in Winona. The name, Winona, comes from the Ojibwe creation story and is the mother of Nanaboozho.  The Dakota also have the name Winona or Wenonah which means, in both languages first born daughter.  The city of Winona is known for the legend of  Princess Winona, the Miss Winona Pageant and many buildings bearing the name Winona. It is going to  be a Winona love fest for Winonas and their families. “ There are hundreds of Native and non Native women named Winona, this is your party”, Winona LaDuke announced. 

Proposed activities for the weekend-long celebration include an art exhibit around the theme of “Winona: a person, a place and a state of mind.”, discussions, including a symposium with Anishinaabe and Dakota stories of Winona. The weekend would also offer a screening of  award-winning documentary film “First Daughter and the Black Snake,” an intimate portrait offering a window into the life and work of Winona LaDuke, a formidable economist, writer, agriculturalist, and fierce Indigenous politico.

Other plans include a walking tour with local dignitaries and a river cruise on the Mississippi River to see the sites of the town of Winona, rumored to be founded in 1851 by a steamboat captain. Music includes a band and dance-  Corey Medina and the Brothers and other special guests will provide entertainment Saturday night. Weekend plans also include canoe races, games and a map with places to take selfies with city of Winona landmarks. There will be a video booth for “Winona” testimonials and lots of opportunities to party with Winona LaDuke. The weekend will culminate with a BBQ picnic, a round dance/ hand drum singing, and  a group photo of all the Winonas attending the party.